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What are pre-election polls?


Survey of the population sample is the most frequent and most important method of public opinion research, from the beginning of its development until today.

The survey is the collection of data by examination using a special form - a survey questionnaire. The survey can be conducted by direct communication with asking questions to the respondent - a structured interview, self-completion of the questionnaire by the respondent, by phone, mail, and via the Internet.

Ahead of the local elections, polls are being conducted to predict who the new mayors, mayors and prefects will be.

Pre-election polls are conducted by: IPSOS, Promocija Plus, CRO Demoskop, MASMI Agency, etc.


How accurate are pre-election polls?

In the 2017 local elections, the pre-election polls for the second round yielded the following percentages:


Milan Bandic 43.6%

Anka Mrak Taritas 43.3%

13% of respondents did not answer


Andro Krstulovic Opara 39.2%

Željko Kerum 38.7%

22.2% of respondents did not answer


Vojko Obersnel 51.5%

Hrvoje Buric 38.2%

10.3 respondents without answers


Ivan Vrkic 57.8%

Ivana Šojat 28.1%

14.1% of respondents did not answer


The final results of the local elections are as follows:


Milan Bandic 51.79%

Anka Mrak Taritas 46.07%


Andro Krstulovic Opara 46.19%

Željko Kerum 44.30%


Vojko Obersnel 55.59%

Hrvoje Burić 42.70%


Ivan Vrkić 62.74%

Ivana Šojat 33.87% 

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