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What we do


As representatives from civil society, our goal is to define and implement strategies and mechanisms to curb corruption and make it an exceptional and punishable phenomenon in our society. We are engaged in promoting transparency as a precondition for: combating corruption in all sectors of society; the public's right of access to information; the prevention of conflicts of interest; good governance; and the development of an ethical political culture, among other things.

How do we do this?

• Advocacy: TI-Croatia regularly advocates and campaigns on important and hot-button corruption-related issues in order to hold government and other actors accountable. We believe that neither well-organized institutions nor clear laws are able to prevent corruption if citizens do not actively demand responsible behavior. Thus our advocacy involves not only raising awareness of certain problems, but also informing individuals of their rights as citizens and building their capacity to affect change.  

• Research: Through both our collaborations with local think tanks and in-house research, TI-Croatia monitors and reports on issues pervaded by corruption as well as offers policy recommendations and solutions. Publications available on our website, as well as by request, include our findings on transparency in political campaign financing, a guide for journalists to access government information, and a background on conflicts of interest, to name a few.

• Education: Education is a big component of our work at TI-Croatia. Whether it be through our anti-corruption workshops (in higher education, corporate governance, and public administration, respectively) or our conferences and seminars publishing the results of our projects and research, we have made informing and sensitizing the public a cornerstone in our fight to combat corruption.

• Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC): The Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre, housed within TI-Croatia, provides assistance to victims and witnesses of corruption in the form of advice on where and how citizens can exercise their rights and to report corruption. 

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