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Executive Board


Executive Board is the executive body of the association and it's consisted of a President, Vice President and 3 (three) members of the Board elected by the TIC Assembly. Executive Board is elected for a three-year mandate, with a possibility od reelecting. A regular member of the association can be elected as a member of the Executive Board.     

3 (three) members of the Executive Board, out of which none is the president nor the vice president, are elected by the TIC Assembly with the two third majority of the present regular members on a secret vote; they are disingaged the same way.

Executive Board manages these matters:

  • controls the association's work through making the strategic, program and financial decisions for the cause of development and welfare of the Association in accordance with the positive rules of the Republic of Croatia, Statute and other acts of the Association, as well as the decisions of the TIC Assembly and the Association bodies.
  • submits the report on its work to the TIC Assembly once a year.
  • informs the TIC Assembly on the work of the association and the financial business.
  • takes care of the association's property, collection of financial means and the investment of the extra income for the sake of the improvement of the association's work.
  • it is responsible for all the activities of the association that are not specifically under the authority of other bodies, as it is anticipated by this Statute.


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