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Who we are


Corruption is one of the biggest problems of our time and of modern society in general. Combating corruption is only possible with the participation of democratic institutions, the private business sector and civil society.

Transparency international Croatia (hereinafter TIC) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the increase of accountability and prevention of national corruption. It is the non-profit and impartial association of which activities are aimed at suppressing corruption and its consequences. TIC neither discloses nor investigates individual cases of corruption. We believe that is the duty of the legislative and executive bodies, independent judiciary and the free press.

Corruption is a challenge to all. There is no country in which it doesn't exist and there should be no country that doesn't fight it. There must not be a government that indulges it!

The main goal of TIC is the fight against corruption in all its forms. Our programme is closely related to the Government's strategic objectives (National strategy of the fight against the corruption, Ministry of Internal Affairs: Anti-Money Laundering Office, Institue of Public Finance – the grey market project, Public Administration Reform...), and is also complemented with the duties of the Republic of Croatia which derive from the Stability Pact and the European Union Treaties.

Transparency International Croatia is committed to these values:

• responsibility
• honesty
• solidarity
• courage
• justice
• democracy

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