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Declaration Against Corruption - 2015


In start of the campaign for the upcoming elections Transparency International Croatia sent Declaration against corruption to all political parties and coalitions.

Our goal is to put on agenda and then prevent the problems and devastating effects that are product of corruption. The biggest responsibility lays on political actors, whether they are in power or in opposition to the government. Signing this declaration we have manage to get approval, on symbolic level, from almost all active political parties who recognised the real importance for one of the biggest problems in our society.

Corruption is not left or right on political spectra, either it is present in society or it is not. Political actors are the one who creates public policies, and can show by example in their daily conduct, in transparent and fair way, that corruptive activity should be condemned by whole society.

Declaration has been supported by around thirty political parties, including the two of the biggest parties and many others who have the chance to enter the parliament. Today we also sent parties the letter “What we expect from those who signed the declaration? (and how to achieve that)”. We also hope that prevention and fight against corruption will be publicly debated in this political campaign as one of the priorities for next government, whoever wins the elections.” said Davorka Budimir TIC president.

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