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Transperency International Croatia - The case of donation to private enterprises


Presidents and board members of state and public companies should not donate or recieve gifts from enterprises with whom they work with. Because of that we consider the gift from CEO of Croatian forests, worth 4,000 HRK, a poor practice, which can be characterized as a conflict of interest. 

Namely, in the Law on Prevention of Conflicts of Interest, state officials can keep only symbolic presents, ie. those with a worth lower than 500 HRK. That census should also exist in donations between the administrations of state and public companies and their business partners from the private sector and the exchange of those kind of gifts should be transparent.

When something is gifted in the name of the state or a public company, we should have in mind that the gift is financed by croatian taxpayers - said Davorka Budimir, the President of Transperency International Croatia in a statement for News 3 on Croatian Television. 

Please note that on the official website of Croatian Forests Inc. the following has not been published: 

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