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TIC president in Dnevnik 3 about possible agreement between mayor of Vukovar and USKOK


Public only have information that Sabo's defense asked for postponement of hearing. Information about his willingness to reach an agreement with USKOK could be true but also speculation. If they reach agreement it will be very interesting from political stand point. From a legal point of view, this agreement means that the defendant admits his guilt. After that USKOK suggests fain. This would spare Sabo long judicial process but at the same time it would probable mean end of his political career. All these events could be a big political hit for SDP.  Said on Dnevnik 3 Davorka Budimir, president of TIC.

Mirela Holy resigned very quickly from a Ministry of Environmental and Natur Protetction because of one inconsiderate e-mail. She showed great political and personal responsibility. One of the characteristics of corruption is the personal benefit that a corrupted person acquires, but in this incident it was not the case. Government has accepted the resignation, and we are very sorry that SDP did not act in the same way in other affairs in which their members have been involved in the last couple of months. This suggests that political and personal moral responsibilities are terms that are not yet established as a norm in Croatian politics.

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