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TIC opinion on the whistlers' position in Croatia - Novi list


Neither the public, nor the state institutions should a priori believe in someone's implication. It is for the competent state institutions to do their job, which includes a thorough investigation and a fair trial, and it is for the public to make conclusions but only when the arguments of somebody's malversation are presented to it.

The media today has great power, and the manipulation of the information is one of the most powerful weapons of nowadays. Under well conducted communication campaigns, people can even start protesting and fighting. Discrediting someone through the media is so easy. A denial is never as powerful as a sonic media attack. Due to that the media has a great responsibility – unbiased reporting, not giving a sensational dimension to a least whistle. For these reasons, we have a great respect for journalists and news media organizations which have thoroughly been investigating the Šegon and Lovrić Merzel affairs, enabling the citizens to make their own conclusions on the matter. High communication culture is one of the features of developed democracies. We are hoping that the development of this culture will contribute to the creation of new rules in Croatian politics.

The full article was published by: 

Zadarski list 2014-02-08

Glas Istre 2014-02-08

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