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TIC on the decision of the Supreme Court of secret recording as evidence


"The Supreme Court's decision is a strong impetus to the fight against corruption in Croatia!", said the president of Transparency International Croatia (TIC) Davorka Budimir for NOVA TV and explained: "If the recording of Marija Budimir had been declared as illegal evidence, it would have been difficult for the State Attorney to prove that the Mayor of Vukovar, Željko Sabo, tried to bribe Marija Budimir. Offering her "everything she wants" Sabo wanted to trick the legal system and the will of the electorate. This behavior of the politicians is unacceptable! Voices in the Vukovar City Council, just like the voices on any local or national level, cannot be traded. This practice seeks severe sanctions. Otherwise, our democracy means nothing but a big cost for the taxpayers."

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