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TI - response to the statement


Headquarters of Transparency International (TI), based in Berlin, rejected on Tuesday allegations of the TI Croatian Chapter of this organization that the decision on revocation of the license for TI Croatia was made on the basis of non-transparent procedures and slander of secret Croatian informants.

"Every three years, TI evaluates its branches in over 100 countries worldwide. After evaluation in Croatia in 2014, we noticed that the work of TIC does not coincide fully with our standards. Therefore, during 2015, we initiated the process that eventually resulted in the revocation of its license. It is completely transparent and well known process" said Mrs. Conny Abel for Croatian news agency HINA, coordinator of TI for the Region of South East Europe, Turkey and Israel from the organization's headquarters in Berlin.

"In the end, the final decision is provided by the TI’s Administrative board; there is a commission that collects data coming from different sources, which are then evaluated. In case of Croatia, the process took three years; in five occasions it was discussed to revoke its license. Croatian Chapter of TI was informed at all times about the process and their opinion was sought in all matters, so, I do not see how the process was not transparent, "says Cornelia Abel.

She also expressed her surprise with allegations coming from TIC, signed by the president Mrs. Davorka Budimir, that the decision on withdrawal was made on the basis of "defamation of secret informants from Croatia".

"Normally when it comes to evaluating one's work, you do not only converse with those whose work you value. This is how we work in all countries and so was the case in Croatia where we, of course, discussed with other people, other non-governmental organizations, journalists in the field of corruption and so on. All information that we had collected were shared and discussed with the Management Board and the Commission. In this particular case, not all details of the interviewees were sent to the TIC, because in the past there were cases of national branches reacting very negatively, not to go into details, with plenty of aggressive e-mails, so we simply did not want to jeopardize our relations with people that acted as our interlocutors in the field" concluded Mrs. Abel from the TI Headquarters in Berlin.

In response to earlier written request sent by the Croatian news agency HINA, Transparency International provided an answer in its statement stating that decision to revoke the license of the TI Croatian Chapter was made in December 2015 and finally confirmed in March 2016 after consideration of an appeal TIC.

"We regret this decision, but TI Chapter in Croatia still remained a weak branch despite two-year attempts of the headquarters of TI to reverse the situation. The decision of the Management Board of TI is a reflection of lack of confidence that TI Chapter in Croatia could become one of the leading actors within the civil society community in Croatia in fight against corruption" it was said in a statement signed by one of the spokesman for TI, Mr. Chris Sanders.

Some of the stated reasons for the revocation of the license were Chapter’s poor co-operation with other non-governmental organizations in Croatia, the inability to provide the necessary financial resources and insufficient quality and impact of its activities. Transparency International emphasizes that it will nevertheless continue to support all efforts to combat corruption in Croatia. TI also believes the local Chapter will be able to fight for its goals despite no longer being a part of the TI’s international network. TI still highly respects individuals and volunteers for their support and efforts in this process", concluded is in the TI statement.


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