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In light of the extradition of Ivica Todorić and the “Agrokor Scandal”, Transparency International Croatia believes that the problem is the inefficient, dishonest and unjust system of management of Croatia from 1990 to date.

Agrokor’s business since the formation of the company to date, is not the cause but rather the consequence of a non-functioning system. It is system which has selective criteria, unclear rules and many exceptions.

Nothing will happen with the extradition of one man because there are no indications that the existing system will change. Therefore, new scandals can be expected to be generated but with different protagonists. The processes are the same and the new protagonists will have the same value system and modus operandi.  

It is high time to discuss the losses that we have suffered as a society as a result of this scandal.  

We are dependent on a system which never changes, thanks to the lack of political will and responsibility of those in power who can create social change. The loss is not only financial but also in terms of the values which we lack as a society, such as trust, security and accountability.  

Belated punishment of an individual cannot fix a system that is dishonest and unjust, as can be seen from the mass exodus of people to more orderly countries”, said Dr. Davorka Budimir, President of Transparency International Croatia.


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