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The financial and governance black hole - FIFA


Transparency International made a research on work transparency of FIFA, world football association, which today counts 209 national football associations and 6 regional Confederations. FIFA`seat is in Zȕrich, Switzerland. The Organisation is founded on 21. of April 1904 in Paris and since 1930 organizes World Football Championships.

- How much money national associations gets from FIFA? -

How do they dispose with the money and how is the money spent?

In period from 2011 to 2014 FIFA distributed funds for football development: - 2,05 mil. $ to each national association - 102 mil. $ to each Confederation

Only 14 out of 209 national football associations around the world published minimal informations on their activities, expenditures and values in which they belive (Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Canada, Lithuania, Hungary, Norway, New Zeland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Sweden and England).

FIFA publishes partial accounts on its website how they spend their development funds but they do not demand the same from national associations.

FIFA recive such reports only for its own purpose . The research included public available datas on:

1. annual financial accounts

2. organization`s statute

3. annual activities account

4. adopted ethical code

  • 21% of national associations do not have website
  • 55% of national associations do not have a statute
  • 76% of national associations do not have ethical code
  • 81% of national associations do not have public available financial reports
  • 85% of national associations do not publish annual activities reports


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