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Response of European Commission to TIC regarding EU Anti-Corruption Report


Dear Ms. Budimir,

Thank you for your kind words and for the full support for the EU Anti-Corruption Report. The Report will hopefully provide everyone – policy makers, the public, media and practitioners – with a useful tool for taking national anti-corruption policies forward. The report we just published is a first step. It is the first time we have a complete overview of the situation in all Member States, and a set of suggestions for how to move forward. I would like to stress once again in this context the importance of the suggestions made in the report, because these are the main elements based on which we hope to closely work together for an appropriate follow-up. The Commission will continue the monitoring of anti-corruption policies in all Member States, including Croatia, and will also closely look into how the suggestions of the EU Anti-Corruption Report are followed up in the coming period.

Cooperation with civil society, and in particular with Transparency International, are very important for the Commission's work on the EU Anti-Corruption Report and anti-corruption policy development in general. We are looking forward to future cooperation with you in this regard.

Kind regards,

Anabela Gago



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