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Regional Competitiveness Index published


Corruption remains a significant impact on the level of competition, and thus managment of regional development of Croatia. Reaserch of regional competitiveness index of Croatia 2013, is created by National council for competitiveness and Program United Nations for development. 

Reaserch for competitiveness on subnational (county) level was initiated in 2007 and it is repeated in three-year cycles, creating an information basis for monitoring changes in the competitiveness of counties and quality factors on which it depends at three time points (2007, 2010 and 2013 . years).  

Exploring is conducted using the methodology of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Institute for Management Development (IMD). Methodological consistency research competitiveness at the national level, and use a very broad base of indicators (116 statistical indicators and 68 perceptual indicators) give the possibility of horizontal (inter-county) and vertical (in time) comparisons, which strengthens awareness of the economic, political and scientific community about the problems of regional differences in development and the effectiveness of policies to reduce them.

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