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Publishing false data for Croatia on the internet site


Dear representatives of the German association Transparency International,

With your just released data in your CPI 2019 in the case of Croatia, you have shown that the research that you present is non-transparent, inadequately prepared and inconsistent.  

In your Report, you have presented Croatia as having 48 points and ranked 63rd but in the supporting tables and graphs you say that Croatia has 47 points.

You are thereby causing harm to the Republic of Croatia and all of its citizens and we urgently demand a public explanation and apology.

We have also previously shown that the CPI research lacks a transparent explanation of the methodology for comprising the Index and shown numerous inconsistencies in the results that are presented. 

Such an approach seriously undermines the integrity for which you advocate by making public accusations against many countries, individuals and institutions whilst at the same time creating an impression of superficiality and non-transparency, as has happened in the case of Croatia.

Your sincerely,

Davorka Budimir PhD, President Transparency International Croatia 

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