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Global Corruption Barometer 2013


Citizens of Croatia consider the political parties, the judiciary and the public servants to be the most corrupt

According to 21% of Croatian citizens corruption increased in the last two years, while 51% of citizens think that corruption was stagnating in the last two years while the most corrupted sector, according to the citizens, are the political parties, the judiciary and public servants. These are the results shown by the Global Corruption Barometer for 2013, a tool used by Transparency International to show the public opinion about the presence of corruption in certain spheres of life of their countries.

On a scale of 1 (no corruption) to 5 (completely corrupt) political parties and the judiciary have received the grade of 4.0, with the public servants at 3.9 and the representative bodies and the health services at 3.8. In the middle are the police (3.5), the private sector (3.5) and the education system (3.5), while the least corrupt are the religious organizations (2.8), non-governmental organizations (2.8) and the armed forces (2.6). Half of the citizens think that the corruption during the last two years stayed the same and 29% think that it decreased.

Key results on the global scale include:

Bribery is widely distributed

27% of respondents payed a bribe in the last 12 months while in contact with public institutions and servants

Public institutions that are supposed to protect the citizens (the police and the judiciary) are the most open to taking bribes

31% of the respondents who came into contact with the police and 24% of the respondents who came into contact with the judiciary reported paying a bribe

The governments aren't doing enough in the fight against corruption

Most of the people throughout the world think that their government is ineffective in the fight against corruption and that corruption is increasing in their countries

Most corrupt are the political parties

throughout the world, political parties are considered to be the most corrupt

Personal connections and acquaintances play a large part in the public administration

Respondents don't consider bribery the only corruption – almost 2 out of 3 respondents believe that acquaintances have a big influence on the processes of the public sector

Instead for the public good, the governments act in the interest of private interests

55% of the respondents think that governments are led by private interests and interest groups intead of the public good

People are ready to act

9 out of 10 respondents would tell of corruption and two thirds of respondents who were asked to pay bribe, refused to pay it

Respondents also graded how successfully their governements battle corruption. On a global scale, 54% of the respondents consider the governments ineffective in the battle against corruption, which in comparison with the GCB 2010/11is a increase of 7%. In Croatia 19% of the citizens graded the activites of the bodies of the public authority in battling the corruption as effective, 35% neither successful nor unsuccessful and the most of the citizens, 47%, don't consider the governement to be successful in battling corupption.

In a research conducted from September of 2012 to March of 2013, 114 270 respondents from 107 countries worldwide who participated, which is currently the most. A field research was conducted in Croatia on a sample of a thousand respondents. The last time the barometer was published, in December 2010, the citizens graded the judiciary (4.1) and the representative bodies and the political parties (4.0) to be the most corrupt. The grade for the least corruption went to the armed forces and the religious organizations (2.7).

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