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EU Integrity System Report


Transparency International EU office released an integrity study on EU institutions.

The EU Integrity System report is based on TI’s NIS methodology and has been compiled following research done over nine months, from mid-2013 to early 2014.  We’ve looked at 10 EU institutions in total (European Parliament, European Commission, Court of Justice of the EU, European Anti-Fraud Office ect.)

These are key finds in this report:

  • This is the first report of this kind at the EU level.
  • The EU has a good foundation of rules to protect itself against corruption and low integrity standards, but the structure is shakier than it should be due to complacency, complexity and a lack of follow up.
  • Despite progress in recent years towards more transparency, too much decision making is still being done behind closed doors.
  • Corruption risks at EU level need to be addressed before they become corruption scandals.

Key recommendations from the report fall under 5 main ‘asks’.  These call on the EU institutions to:

  • ·         Promote a policy of ‘transparency by default’ in EU decision-making;

Record and disclose all inputs received from lobbyists and interest representatives.
Make the EU Transparency Register mandatory and extend its application.
Publish all documents from each step in the process of drafting legislation.
Proactively publish all documents relating to decision-making process

  •       Manage effectively conflicts of interest of senior EU decision-makers;

Introduce clear, objective and transparent appointment procedures for all key institutional positions.
EU institutions should improve conflicts of interest policies for MEPs and senior EU figures, bringing them up to international standards.
Introduction of fully independent ethic bodies.

  •          Put in place effective internal whistle blowing procedures;
  •          Improve the EU’s debarment system
  •          Establish an independent European Public Prosecutor with broad anti-corruption powers

Conference of the Transparency International report on The EU Integrity System will be held on 29 April 2014 in Brussels. Main topic of the conference will be “How able is “Brussels” to uphold EU integrity? A look at transparency, accountability and ethics in EU institutions.”

Conference will start at 14.30 and will last until 18.10 , among the participants will be Carl Dolan, director of TI-EU office, Emily O’Reilly EU Ombudsman, and many other professors and experts in these fields.

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