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Donations to support political action - parliamentary parties and IZ-D patterns


Artical 26 of Law on financing political activities and election compaigns, and subordinate legislations have set the transperency in the reporting of donations on prescribed patterns IZ-D for political parties independent representatives at the national level, and for members of representative bodies at lower levels of government. 

TIC has published the legal obligation was fulfilled by parliamentary parties. From a total of 15 on the website is published 13 of them. Three parliamentary parties (BDSH, HSU and New Wave - party development) are not financed by donations of legal and natural persons for the purpose of political action.

HNS is with 583,051.38 HRK party that is financed mostly through donations, and more than 91% funded by the individuals. SDP recieved through donations in the first six months 130,584.00 HRK and 153,614.50 SDP.

The lowest paid donation is an individual-donor SDP in the amount of 1.00 HRK, the maximum  60,000 HRK in the nature of legal person- donor IDS.

Transparency International Croatia invites all taxpayers to submit their reports, and that they be transparent in accordance with the regulations, and that all the data is displayed in the same way. 

TIC invites the responsible authorities to introduce electronic form in which it would be possible to deliver it, as well as many other forms that are legal entities today are enabled (eg JOPPD- form).


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