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Doing Business Transparently, Ethically and Safely


TIC and SGS organized a conference together by the sponsorship of Croatian president Ivo Josipović on Transparent, ethical and safe business on which participated more than a hundred of the most influential business entities in the Republic of Croatia, and government representatives at the national level. 

The president of Croatia, Ivo Josipović spoke to the guests at the beginning of the conference. Its goal was to point out the importance of transparent state business with the companies, primarly through public procurement.

"The fight against corruption is much more than just exposing of corruption offenses and punishment. First of all, the most important is to change mentality i otkloniti koruptivnu svijest - adherence to corruption as the  way of living, the way of doing business and the way of doing politics!", said the president of the republic Ivo Josipović then pointed out that the croatian society today is highly sensitized to corruption and that there is not a president, premier nor member of Parliament who can and wants to change that.

Where there is no transparency, safety or ethics in politics, they can hardly be found on the other parts of society",  said the president Josipović then called for responsible, but also the decisive menagement of public procurement: "We are still seeking for a formula to make public procurement a strong anti-corruption mechanism, but on the other side not to stifle trade economy and business."

A new culture of transparency advocated by Transparency International Croatia involves the implementation of the highest social values in system operations and management of private and public goods. By doing that, the honesty is a value that is fundamental and that should not discussed. Security is the new value that is the result of transparency", said Davorka Budimir, president of Transparency International Croatia.

The business world today is faced with many challenges and risks that may impact positively or negatively on daily operations. Customers want to get tested product that is in compliance with all local and international laws and standards, while the suppliers of products and services have a duty to achieve this compliance, while maintaining the level of quality. SGS's expertise through many years of impartial verification of the quality and quantity of products and services, their certification, implementation of anti-corruption programs and other means of monitoring and testing, provides a secure and transparent busines", said Marinko Ukropina, Managing Director of firms SGS Belgrade, SGS Adriatica SGS and SGS Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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