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With the publication of the Global Corruption Barometer, Transparency International Croatia believes that Croatian citizens rightly see corruption as a major problem for Croatian society. 

'Every second Croatian citizen believes that corruption is one of the biggest problems facing Croatia with 57% of those surveyed believing that the efforts of the executive government in fighting corruption are inadequate whilst 10% have bribed public servants in the past year in order to exercise their rights. Hence, less than 40% of Croatian citizens believe that our society empowers whistleblowers.

The fight against corruption depends on the actual will of political actors and those in power to make positive social values such as honesty, integrity, accountability and efficiency, desirable behaviour.

Each and every individual or whistleblower must be empowered and protected so that the disclosing of irregularities will make our society a more desirable place in which to live and encourage investment and progress as a whole.

Croatia must itself make a commitment to fighting corruption with its own resources and not just because of any pressure from external sources or higher interests conditioned by global trends.

This means the strategic commitment by our society to preventing corrupt behaviour by installing systematic tools within public authorities, condemning all corrupt irregularities, and punishing irresponsible individuals as well as banning them from public service. These tools include the regulation of lobbying and the protection of whistleblowers.


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