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Commission for Deciding on Conflicts of Interest


The Act on the Prevention of Conflicts of Interest (Narodne Novine No. 26/11, 12/12, 126/12, 48/13 - consolidated text of the Act and 57/15) regulates the prevention of conflicts of interest between private and public interests in the performance of public duties, the obligors of acting in accordance with the provisions of this Act, the obligations of officials on public duty to submit reports on personal assets, the procedure for verifying data from these submitted reports, duration of obligations and restrictions that apply to officials after the end of their office term, composition and competences of the Commission for deciding on conflicts of interest, the procedure before the Commission and the Act, and the sanctions provided by the Commission in cases of violation of the provisions of this Act.

For the purpose of implementing this Act, the Commission for Deciding on Conflicts of Interest has been established as a permanent, independent and autonomous state body that performs tasks within the scope of work and competencies determined by this Act. The commission for deciding on conflicts of interest consists of a president and 4 members. The president and members of the Commission are elected for a period of 5 years and can be re-elected to their positions no more than twice.


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