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Anti-corruption hour with students at a trade school in Zagreb


TI-Croatia continued to implement the project "Anti-Corruption Hour in secondary schools" with students of a Zagreb trade school. An opening statement was given by Davorka Budimir, President of Transparency International Croatia, Davorka Budimir, while TIC volunteers led the lecture and game. Volunteers Anita Rengel, Ivana Hajtok, Magdalena Krmpotić, Yvonne Masić, Srdjan Kerčević and Tanja Ratković introduced the students to the problem of corruption, educated them about its harmful effects, as well as how to avoid it and act in a fair, transparent and accountable manner.

The students learned during the module answers to the following questions: "Where does corruption exist?", "What is conflict of interest and how to avoid it?", "What does it mean to be corrupted?", "What is transparency?"

Participating in an  interactive game, the high school students are in a lively mood to discuss their experiences with corruption. They also offered the youth perspective on how to fight it.

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