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AMM Berlin 2014


Three resolutions were adopted on the last annual meeting of the Transparency International national branches in Berlin, also the new leadership; president, vicepresident and six new members of steering committee, have been elected.


BERLIN, GERMANY, October 19th 2014.

Defend a civil society now

Advocates: JC Weliamuna, TI Sri Lanka, patronage of Pablo Secchi, TI Argentina, Agnija Jansone, TI Latvia, Kol Preap, TI Cambodia, Viktor Alistar, TI Romania

Transparency International is appalled by the fact that the area of work for civil society keeps shrinking rapidly all over the world.

The members of Transparency International and other activists of the civil societies in Africa, Asia and Pacific, Europe and the Middle East are being killed, imprisoned, tortured, physically attacked, publicly embarrassed and denied of ways to get financing, so that they would be stopped in our fight against the abuse of authority, secret agreements and bribery.

We are inviting the governments to stand in defense of a civil society to fight the corruption and in establishing the basic right to work without fear, harassment and threats.

2. The integrity in sports: restoring the confidence to FIFA

Advocates: Paul Arlman, TI Netherlands


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