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Activists demanding undisturbed information access and freedom of the media from UN


Over 190 civil society organizations are asking the United Nations to put the responsibility of the governments and the independence of the media in the center of the new arena for the global development.

United Nations are currently working on global development programme for the period after 2015. The so-called Millenium development goals are the developing priorities in the coming decades.

In the joined statement, coordinated by Article 19 and Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD), 197 organizations are claiming that in the future development plan, the key will be the access to information and the freedom of the media. System enabling people to overlook the responsibility of the governments, are the foundation for achieving economic growth, social equality and sustainable environment.

''It’s crucial that the UN recognize the broad base of support across the world for development targets, that include both media freedom and access to information as they are vital to ensure the accountability of governments and to safeguard development commitments. Creating open governments is a fundamental prerequisite to ensure meaningful development.'' - said Thomas Hughes, Executive Director of Article 19.

"A free flow of information lets people make informed decisions and a right to a meaningful participation in public discussions on questions affecting their lives. Information is the key in stimulationg creativity and innovation. Approach to information, free and independent media are important in supervising development plans and promises made by the governments.'' – added Hughes.

"Civil organizations from all around the world are addressing their representatives in the United Nations with this statement. Ignoring the role of the media and information, transparency and responsibility in the moment when the development goals for the next decades are made, is absurd. Access to information and independent media are the key to development. Since the UN working unit is gathering again this week, it is of crucial importance that this message reaches them'' – said Leon Willems, president of the Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD).

Coalition is demanding from UN:

1) enacting the main goal in order to ensure good conduction and efficiency of the institutions

2) including the elements of the main goal, particularly, ensuring the freedom of speech, associating, peaceful protests, access to independent media and information, and vouching the public its right to information and access to the government data

Last year, the advisory council on the high level, appointed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon with the subject of the development plan for 2015, recommended a new goal of good conducting for the future plan. This goal must ensure people with the freedom of speech right, independence of the media and the right of access to the information.

Report of this group, A New Global Partnership: Eradicate Poverty And Transform

Economies Through Sustainable Development, has come accross great approval, due to the fact that it has recognized the key role of human rights in ensuring a meaningful economic and social development.

"Discussion on the high level has concluded that the access to the information and the transparency and responsibility of the governments is the key in ensuring development. Recommendations must also be included formally in order for the development programme to be meaninhful from 2015'' -  said Thomas Hughes.


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