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What is the anti-corruption standard ISO 37001?


ISO 37001 provides requirements for the construction, implementation, maintenance, supervision and improvement of the anti-bribery management system. This standard is intended for all organizations from all sectors and any kind of bribery or corruption they may face. In addition, it can be implemented either as an independent standard or integrated with other management systems.

Local and regional self-government of EU members focuses on raising business transparency and fighting bribery and corruption. International standard ISO 37001 is an efficient tool that enables leaders of local and regional self-government units to control business at lower levels, especially in the field of public procurement.

The two biggest problems affecting the perception of people and organizations, whether active in the public or private sector are -bribery and corruption.

Identification of processes and situations in both affected sectors where bribes and corruption are most often encountered is not possible without political will in the public sector and private enterprise management.

ISO 37001 serves as a precautionary framework for organizational integrity, helps to combat bribery risks and encourages integrity-based culture.

What are the benefits of ISO 37001 anti-bribery management systems?

  • analysis and assessment of locations at highest risk of accepting bribes
  • implementation of the management system for combating bribery
  • support for the development and improvement of the anti-bribery management system
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