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Publishing false data for Croatia on the internet site - Explanation and apology sought urgently


Sent: Friday, January 24, 2020 9:51 AM

To: 'Paul Bell'
Subject: RE: Publishing false data for Croatia on the internet site - Explanation and apology sought urgently

Dear Mr. Bell,

Our claims are very much justified as they are based on our experience with your organisation over the past seven years although we are pleased that this is the first response that we have received since.  

Moreover, we take umbrage at your accusation that I am being “duplicitous”, although, again, this is very much in line with your organisation’s behaviour towards our organisation and myself in particular.

For example, it would in fact be duplicitous to give us certain reasons for Transparency International Croatia being disaccredited and then to give completely different reasons when interviewed by journalists.    

You could have been grateful that we pointed out your “error” no matter how “small” or “technical” irrespective of whether you discovered it prior to receiving our email. You had still not corrected it when we sent you our email.  Furthermore, an apology is always in order when an “error” is made.

In relation to your CPI research methodology, you are well aware that this has long been questioned by prominent and reputable individuals and organisations apart from us.

Your sincerely,

Davorka Budimir, TIC

From: Paul Bell

Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2020 2:00 PM
To: dbudimir@transparency.hr
Cc: ured@transparency.hr

Subject: FW: Publishing false data for Croatia on the internet site - Explanation and apology sought urgently

Dear Davorka Budimir,

Thank you for your communication.

The issue you refer to in relation to the CPI interactive map was the result of a small technical error. This was discovered shortly after the interactive map was published and the issue was resolved within 30 minutes. As you correctly point out, the full CPI report and data set contained the correct data. To imply, as your message suggests, that this short-lived technical problem was an integrity violation, or a deliberate attempt to misinform people, would be wholly inaccurate and duplicitous.

You claim that the CPI research methodology lacks a transparent explanation and contains inconsistencies. Given that there is both a methodology explainer video and an in-depth file detailing the methodology available, and well signposted, on the CPI landing pages, this is clearly false.

I would be very happy to address any other questions or misconceptions you may have in relation to the CPI 2019.

Kind regards,

Paul Bell

Head of Communications

Alt-Moabit 96, 10559 Berlin, Germany

From: TIH Davorka Budimir

Sent: 23 January 2020 08:44
To: Patricia Moreira

Dear representatives of the German association Transparency International,

With your just released data in your CPI 2019 in the case of Croatia, you have shown that the research that you present is non-transparent, inadequately prepared and inconsistent.  

In your Report, you have presented Croatia as having 48 points and ranked 63rd but in the supporting tables and graphs you say that Croatia has 47 points.

You are thereby causing harm to the Republic of Croatia and all of its citizens and we urgently demand a public explanation and apology.

We have also previously shown that the CPI research lacks a transparent explanation of the methodology for comprising the Index and shown numerous inconsistencies in the results that are presented. 

Such an approach seriously undermines the integrity for which you advocate by making public accusations against many countries, individuals and institutions whilst at the same time creating an impression of superficiality and non-transparency, as has happened in the case of Croatia.

Your sincerely,

Davorka Budimir, TIC

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