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What is electoral silence?


On the day of the election until the closing of the polls, as well as 24 hours before the day of the election, any election campaign, publication of estimates of election results, as well as the publication of previous, unofficial election results, publication of photos in the media, statements and interviews candidates, and citing their statements or written works.

For violating electoral silence, fines range from three thousand kunas for a natural person to half a million kunas for a legal entity, for example for a political party. Candidates who violate the election silence can be fined from 10 thousand to 30 thousand kuna.

Violations of electoral silence are reported to municipal, city, and county election commissions and the Election Commission of the City of Zagreb.

Local elections in 2021 and violation of electoral silence

Due to sponsored posts on social networks, the BM365 party was reported for a sponsored post for Jelena Pavičić Vukićević and Davor Filipović. The commission ordered them to remove the posts.

Posters of the Domovinski pokret in Retkovac and Poljanice were also reported and their removal was ordered.

Vesna Škare Ožbolt reported agitation against her in the Facebook group "HDZ - ABOVE ALL - CROATIA". That announcement also wrote negatively about Tomislav Tomašević. The commission confirmed that they had ordered the HDZ to remove the announcement.

Maxportal was also reported for an article against Miroslav Škora, which was published before the election silence, but was on the cover on Saturday as well. This was reported by the Domovinski pokret and citizens.

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