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To the political parties and coalitions


To the political parties and coalitions - is being delivered

Zagreb, 9st November 2015

Respected leaders of elected political parties in the new composition of the Croatian Parliament, Starting today, the Croatian citizens continue to perform their daily duties- of responsible, fair and quiet individuals that live from their work and all those circumstances and conditions that you create through political decisions.

The election results have shown the strength of that our one vote- which is great and have found the way to you. Each citizen cares and wants to live in fair, transparent and accountable community that will set minimal standards of qualitative life. It is correct that we want to live better and that we know to choose the government as we deserve. Maybe you aren't satisfied by the election results, maybe they didn't fulfill your expectations, wishes and aspirations but that is not even important. Important is to understand this moment as the responsibility and rare opportunity to remember you as courageous, determined and responsible.

A lot of citizens are for a long time living with painful cuts and everyday changes. When they can't pay meal in the school to their child or can't afford school trip. When they are not able to pay for medical examination.

When they can't pay for the utilities, loan rates and other obligations nobody pays for them. Are you, the holders of power ready to sacrifice and to everyday life, the one that many people have long been tolerating? Are you ready to give up on privileges and material security? Are you ready to uncertainty? Are you ready to reform the system and not just some parts of it? Our individual destinies have no time to wait your deals, negotiations and trading because that isn't the reason citizens have chosen you.

Citizens gave you their trust to agree on the leaders in power as the best and most qualified individuals regardless of political affiliations and gender, nationality or any other differences among us. Nominate the ones that are excellent in all of the fields, reward them fairly so would public interest be above any private and individual desire.

Exclude from the public life and activity all of those unfair and incapable. What we expect in this moment is first to stop all unnecessary expenses and expenditures form the state budget, as well as consistently control of cash outflow and its better management.

Second, we expect real fight against corruption through the mechanism of effective control of corruptive risks at all levels of government.

Third, we expect urgent reform of judiciary system that would give to every citizen hope and faith that justice and fairness exist. Citizens expect from responsible government to be successful, because as society we can't afford any failure no more. You were saying that you know, want and can- now show it to us. Respectfully, Transparency International Croatia Davorka Budimir, president

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