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TIH welcomes the changes in procedures of pre-bankruptcy settlements.


                        Transperency International Croatia welcomes the announced changes in procedures of pre-bankruptcy settlements.

                       That changes of pre-bakruptcy settlement are necessary, Transperency International Croatia is warning for two years now. Because of that association is supporting the announced changes, thanks to which the pre-bankruptcy settlement will be regulated by new Bankruptcy law.

                       "Pre-bankruptcy settlement showed how much space were left for malversations. Procedures followed by the great nontransperency too. Hopefully the Bankruptcy law will abolish such practices.", told Davorka Budimir, president of Transperency International Croatia. 

                        Extreme importance for Associantion is the fact that state institutions will no longer be able to write off the debts, but they will for have to seek the opinion of the ministary of finance for each write-off.  

TIH demanded a urgent change from institute of pre-bankruptcy settlement back at the end of February.

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