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Lack of Transparency in Election of Cheif State Prosecutor


Commenting for HINA the arrival of Dinko Cvitan at the position of Chief State Prosecutor, the executive director of the association Transparency International Croatia Ivona Mendeš said:

“Professional way of Dinko Cvitan gives us hope that he will preform well his duties as Chief State Prosecutor. Moreover, even the European Commission in its Anticorruption Report of European Union has commented the work of the USKOK, and the main successes of USKOK are Dinko Cvitan’s credit. As director of USKOK Cvitan knows well the system and we hope that this knowledge will help state prosecutors to preform their job even better. What bothers us is the lack of transparency of  the election of  the Chief State Prosecutor.  The election of one of the most important state officials must not be reduced to trial balloons and the selection of a person to whom the public is most bowed. We also claim greater transparency according to explanations why Mladen Bajić leaves the office. Furthermore, information released by the government to a trickle and the media in recent days are harmoniously repeating that Bajić is mostly criticized for his longevity. It must not be the main reason for his departure unless the law restricts the number of mandates of the Chief State Prosecutor."

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