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Iva Čengija on the topic Young people and corruption- Govornica, HRT 4


~~It is very important to teach young people about the importance of building society without corruption

~~“The real values are knowledge and work, by following these values young people can build a bright future for them. Small corruption leads to bigger one, but even the biggest won’t end well, as we witnessed in the verdict in the case of Fimi media. Young people should fight against corruption but we should act as role models to them. We already have a law basis for it.”  Said Iva Čengija, deputy executive director of the TIC, in the TV show Govornica.

~~“Buying exams is something unthinkable in the education systems of the most developed countries. Unfortunately it is different in Croatia. Cases discovered in the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Science, Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, as well as in Faculty of Law in Osijek are for all critics. This is a job for USKOK and the State attorney. TIC has big expectations from the new State Attorney, Dinko Cvitan - unstoppable fight against corruption.”

~~In the education system there is a lot of work to do. According to the Global corruption barometer, with which Transparency International measures citizen’s perception of corruption, Croatian citizens are valuing our education system as very corrupted. On the scale from 1 (no corruption) to 5 (highly corrupted) citizens gave 3.5 to our education system. They also believe that political parties and Judiciary system are the most corrupted, giving them 4.

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