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Fighting corruption in education 2013


The education of our children can not succeed when our schools and universities stained by corruption. 

A new report by Transparency International shows that the educational sector is riddled with corruption and suggests how to prevent and build a new generation of fighters against corruption.

Budapest / Berlin, October 1, 2013 - Transparency International in its new report shows that it is necessary to strengthen the fight against corruption in education, not only to the children retained in school and to improve literacy and their development objectives, but also to ensure that the next generation will be willing to say no to corruption. 

Global Report on Corruption: Education gives many practical steps to prevent the abuse of power, bribery and covert operations which erodes the educational experience. The authorities, international organizations, companies and civil society organizations are required to provide advocacy for good governance in education policy around the world. 

"How schools should educate future fighters against corruption, they themselves must be free from corruption. Without a strong integrity of our schools and universities who fail to provide future leaders with the essential tools needed for success, and more importantly, will not be able to fight against corruption" , said Huguette Labelle, Chair of Transparency International. "Nearly a fifth of the world's population is between 15 and 24 years, which means that it is young people are potential which can stop corruption, as citizens of today and tomorrow as a leader." 

The implementation of anti-corruption basis such as the right of access to information on education policies, codes of conduct for teachers and the involvement of parents and students in management and clearly defined systems of oversight and accountability throughout the entire system of education can be assured that the money spent on the education of our children graduate from where it should be : to build schools, pay teachers and buy textbooks. 

However, corruption has undermined the reputation of the education sector in many countries. According to the Global Corruption Barometer almost every fifth person in the world gave bribes education services last year. In the poorest countries this number is growing at every third man. 
Global Report on Corruption: Education discerns many forms of corruption in education, whether it's embezzlement of funds intended education, concealed costs of education or the purchase and sale of fake diplomas. 

Also, in all cases, corruption in education acts as a dangerous obstacle to quality learning as well as social and economic development. It threatens the academic strengths of the university, which may lead to lowering the reputation of the entire higher education system of a country. 

In his assessment of global corruption report emphasizes the following: Education highlights new approaches to the prevention of corruption in education. 

The report contains 442 pages and is divided into five chapters, which contain analysis and recommendations of over 70 experts from more than 50 countries: 

  •  global trends of corruption in education 
  •  understanding of the scale of corruption in education 
  •  transparency and integrity in higher education 
  •  innovative approaches to dealing with corruption in education 
  •  role of education in strengthening personal and professional integrity 

In order to prevent corruption becomes a daily routine, it is necessary to promote fairness among young people as key to building a better future. From Chile via Morocco to Thailand, many branches of Transparency International showed that only through the development of a wide range of programs that contain a clear anti-corruption initiative, which is an integral part of curricula and activities can be effectively eradicate corruption in education.

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