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Draft Strategy for Combating Corruption - until 11/30 2014


Ministry of Justice has published the begining of the public debate on the draft strategy to Combat corruption 2015-2020.

TIC decided on the real consultation with interested citizens and the buisness entities so they could gather the suggestions and propose a package of concrete tools and measures. 

The battle against corruption is possible only if all actors, from youngest to older, are ready to prevent it on every level, from local level to national and further.

All of your comments, suggestions and ideas are welcome, no matter will they will be included in the final proposition by the competent ministry or not.

Better life for every individual rests on integrity and personal fairness. Situation is very simple so is solutions which seem logical. It is simpler to be simple.

We expect your suggestions untill 25.11.2014. The best will be publicly introduced.

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