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County-Prefect Marina Lovrić Merzel should resign


After Jasmina Jovev, former head of the prefect, Marina Lovrić Merzel’s Sisak-Moslavina County Office, uncovered corruption in the office at an HRT show Nedjeljom u dva, Transparency International Croatia expects a prompt investigation by the responsible institutions, and a  far faster and more decisive response of the Prime Minister and SDP leader, Zoran Milanović, from the one given in the case of the Finance Minister’s Assistant, Branko Šegon.

"If SDP wants to be seen as the party of honest people, the party has to purge their ranks very well, and have members who hold public office duty under special scrutiny. There are in this case,  serious allegations of corruption by the Prefect Marina Lovrić Merzel, and if there is a slightest evidence for them, there is no doubt on her stay at the office. Yesterday, Milanović said that the SDP is playing by the strictest rules. Lovrić Merzel case is a perfect opportunity to prove it", said the president of TIC Davorka Budimir.

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