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Corruption Perceptions Index 2013


Corruption Perceptions Index is a research that creates the ranking list of countries according to the assessment of the extent of corruption in them, i.e. the extent to which is perceived that the public authorities are corrupt. This index is a most widely used indicator of perceptions of corruption in the world.

The Index indicates what the level of perception of corruption in the public sector is on a scale of 0-100. Zero represents a countryperceived as highly corrupt, while those rated 100 is perceived as a country free of corruption. The ranking of a country indicates the positions of this country compared to other countries in which were also evaluated the CPI and it is not crucial.

Corruption Perceptions Index shows that many countries still face the threat of corruption at all levels of Government.

Corruption Perceptions Index 2013 confirms that the Croatian fight against corruption, the fight is not strong enough. Displacement of two points and five places in the rakings should not satisfy the Government of Croatia and on this occasion to remind item 18. Plan 21 of the Kukuriku coalition which Croatian citizens promised a society free of corruption, said Davorka Budimir, president of Transparency International Croatia.

Transparency International Croatia hopes and believes that the Corruption Perceptions Index next year Croatia placed as close as possible to the states that we should be role models. One of the conditions necessary to attract foreign investment, but also for the development of Croatian entrepreneurship without which there will be no new jobs, said Davorka Budimir.

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