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Although all attention was focused on local elections in May, corruption scandals were not absent.


The son of a powerful man from Lipik, accused of stealing the identities of 290 people

According to the Telegram, Dino Dolić, the 30-year-old son of the HDZ president of the Lipik City Council, Mladen Dolić, got a job in the local city utility company Lipkom as a programmer.

However, considering that there was not too much work, Dino Dolić also dealt with other things, and one of them was the theft of the identity of as many as 290 people, which he then used to participate in games of chance.

A criminal investigation established that Dino Dolić committed two criminal offenses: unauthorized personal data and fraud. They say that in the period from July to August 2018, by unauthorized use of other people's personal data via the Internet, he opened 290 user accounts to participate in games of chance.

"To obtain illegal property gain by unauthorized use of personal data of 290 people, he misled the authorized organizer of games of chance to pay a bonus to the account user as a promotional action when registering, thus damaging him in the amount of over 20 thousand kuna.",  the response of the Požega-Slavonia Police Department.


The case of Dijana Zadravec

Dijana Zadravec, head of the Clinical Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at the KBC Sestre milosrdnice, was removed from that position on 19 May 2021. Such a decision was made by the acting director Zoran Vatavuk. Dijana Zdravec says that she was fired illegally and for no reason and that "the corrupt octopus only won temporarily."

Three radiologists left the clinic in just 15 days because of her. Then both current and former employees of Vinogradska decided to go public. The current employees, 17 of them, reported Zadravec for mobbing, while 11 former employees wrote a letter, in which they clearly explain the reasons why they resigned because of Dijana Zadravec.

Dr. Karolina Bolanča Čulo from the Tumor Clinic and Dr. Vladimir Kalousek, a neuroradiologist from Vinogradska, also spoke about the fact that they were mobbed by Zadravec, so the number of those who spoke publicly about the mobbing carried out by Zadravec rose to 30.

Dijana Zadravec also filed a complaint against the Minister of Health, Vilija Beroš, due to the recording that leaked to the media on August 25, 2020.


The dean of the Zagreb faculty used an official card to buy expensive clothes and perfumes

According to Telegram, the dean of the faculty used an official card to pay bills in the amount of over a thousand kunas in the Comma women's clothing store, in Peek & Cloppenburg, Hugo Boss, opticians, perfumeries, and even in the furniture store.

When asked by the journalist about the purchase, she replied that she did not give them consent to the publication of her personal data, so they obtained the documentation illegally because they did not receive it from her or from the Faculty.

“Expenses per official card were verified by an audit that found that as of June 30, 2020, there were no irregularities in terms of spending the same,” Frece claims.

Dean Frece and Vice Dean Ježek 2019 were in Bali. It was an official trip to attend a scientific conference.

Hedgehog paid more than 7,900 kunas there for accommodation in the luxury resort Conrad Bali Resort & Spa, and Frece in the Polo Ralph Laurent store at the airport. Ježek also spends around 12 thousand kunas in the duty-free shop. In an interview with Telegram, he said that he bought business gifts for the organizers of the congress. The conference was held on November 18 and 19, and shopping at the airport was on November 20.

Frece and Ježek also spent significant amounts on restaurants throughout Croatia. Hedgehog was left without an official card in February 2020.

Since then, only the dean has it, and the approval for spending is made by the vice dean for business or the dean or the head of accounting, with the prior consent of the vice dean or the dean.




New / old mayor of Nova Gradiška, Vinko Grgić. Four years ago, he won 62 percent in the first round as the SDP candidate. Now, without a party and with USKOK's indictment for setting up business in the Janaf affair, he has won 61.66 percent.


Apart from HRK 17 million from the city budget, due to which, under unexplained circumstances, the city's finance chief committed suicide, Ivica Kirin lost only nine percentage points of support from his fellow citizens but still won in the first round with 51.5 percent of the vote.


In Požega, HDZ Mayor Darko Puljašić has been under investigation by USKOK since January, after Telegram was the first to publish a secret, a compromising video for Puljašić. Both in the county and in its center of Požega, the HDZ ran in these elections with new candidates, which, judging by the unofficial results of the first round, paid off for the ruling party. Both the position of county prefect and the mayor's position should be won in the first round.


In three years, the city of Županja has spent more than 284 thousand kunas on the purchase of dried meat products in the local butcher shop As, for which there is a public discussion that its covert owner is Mayor Davor Miličević.

The HDZ mayor claimed that he had nothing to do with the butcher. But he did not dispute that the city bought large quantities of kulen, kulen slices, and sausages. He only recently complained that it was ‘taken out of context’.


The mayor of Mali Lošinj sold the old school to build a new hall. She spent the money, she doesn't want to say on what

The mayor of Mali Lošinj, Ana Kučić (HDZ), spent the money the city earned from the sale of one of the old schools, although these funds were earmarked for building the building a new school, sports hall.

It is about 6.5 million kunas for which Mali Lošinj sold the old school in Zagrebačka Street at the end of 2019. As the city of Mali Lošinj itself confirmed for Telegram, that amount is not on the city account at the moment. Namely, on April 12 this year, the city had a little more than 5.6 million kunas at its disposal, of which, as they explained, two million refer to the allowed minus. In fact, at that time, the city had only 3.6 million kunas in cash.

Mayor Kučić did not want to reveal where the money from the sale of the old school was, ie what exactly she spent the earmarked funds on. 

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