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TIC zero-tolerance to dishonesty in politics

Visiting the news program 3 HRT prof. dr. Livia Kardum, board member of TIC, has supported the creation of a code of ethics for politicians - from those of the parties to public officials at all levels.

Commenting cases Sabo and Lovric Merzel said: "for the public is problematic that in the outbreak of the scandal they did not offer their resignation to the function of mayor or District authority. It is the case of counties Lovric Merzel much more complicated because if she herself did not offer her resignation, she can be removed only the citizens in a referendum. The public should not be held hostage to one's personal vanity. "

Referring to the case of the Mayor of Koprivnica, Kardum pointed out TIC advocates zero tolerance for dishonesty, and that in the smallest degree of dishonesty representatives should step down from public office.


TIH o nultoj toleranciji na nepoštenje u politici

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