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The public debate on the access to information in Varaždin county

On the call of the Anticorruption commission and the Coordination of Human Rights there was a public debate on the application of the right to access the information, on which spoke Davorka Budimir, the president and Ivica Kruhonerec, the member of TIC.

Representatives of TIC pointed out that the fight for transparent society rests on the right information. That's the way that makes it possible to prevent the corruption.

The goal of the public debate is to introduce that right in a context of the new Law to access to information, as a fundamental of the present and future democratic processes in the society. The Law bring a lot of new in the procedure and in the way of achieving that right, with emphasis on the immediacy in the access to information without procedures and mediators, but through the obligation of the public government bodies to allow the access to those informations by publishing them on their websites. The effort goes even further, towards including even broader public in the work of the public government bodies, which is reflected through the introduction of the new procedure of consultation with the public, as an obligatory process in making major general acts.

Step even further would be an effort to reduce the reasons for rejection of the access to information to a minimum, even there where they formally exist.

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