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Sport and corruption - new from TI

Not even sport is excluded from corruption. From betting to match fixing to the selling of players, etc. 

Corruption threatens sport’s most essential elements and core values: fair play, mutual respect, the uncertainty of outcomes and trust in the rules of the game. Over the past few years, governments and multilateral organisations have joined anti-corruption groups and the media in calling for improved governance and regulatory measures to address the corruption challenges which have tainted the image of sport. Problems in the governance of sports organisations, fixing of matches and staging of major sporting events have spurred action on many fronts. Yet attempts to stop corruption in sport are still at an early stage. For Transparency International, the pace to build integrity in sport must be quickened in order to produce the urgent and strong response that is demanded. 

Learn more on the Transparency International Secretariat's page, by clicking this link or reading the working paper below.



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