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Open Croatia

Organized by the Council of the Initiative Open Government Partnership, a conference on Open Croatia - Open Government Partnership as a framework for new efforts in transparency and openness in Croatia. At the conference, among others, attended President Ivo Josipovic and the Minister of Science, Education and Sport Zeljko Jovanovic. 

Given that the representatives of Transparency International Croatian members of the Council Initiative Open Government Partnership, TIC's presence at the conference supported the efforts that have been made since 2011, since the Croatian member of the Open Government Partnership, an international initiative to promote reform in order to achieve a more open and more accountable government. Advice Initiative is a body made ​​up of representatives of governmental and non-governmental sector, responsible for coordinating the development and monitoring of the implementation of the Action Plan.

Action Plan 2012th to 2013th, rated as one of the top five plans Initiative, Croatia has committed itself to reforms in four key areas: fiscal transparency, access to information, use of information technologies and the participation of citizens and civil society. Currently, the implementation of a public consultation on the Draft Action Plan for implementation of the Open Government Partnership in the Republic of Croatia for the period 2014th to 2016th, which aims to improve the transparency of two new segments: (1) the opening of public data, and (2) the sustainability and development transparency and the window was open as social values, their transfer to the younger generation and integration in education. The public consultation will last until 18 April 2014.


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