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Guest of the President of TIC on 24 hours TV

Visit of the President of TIC on 24 hours TV

In TV show 60 minutes with Tihomir Ladišić,the guests were the President of TIC Davorka Budimir and the parliament representative of Croatian labourists Nansi Tireli. The theme was "political responsibility of politicians in Croatia", and  the reson for this subject is the announcement of index of economic freedom according to which Croatia progressed from 92. to 82. place.

„Politicians must be responsible and honest, and as a consequence of their bad decisions and inappropriate behaviour they have to be sanctioned. It is not enough to wait elections every few years in order to ask citizens what they think. Politicians have to be examplary, not only politically, but also morally. Croatian citizens expect that irresponsible politicians resign when they misuse their position and neglect the public interest for which is the reason why they are appointed to the office" mentioned in TV show by the President of TIC Davorka Budimir.





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