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Conference on Transparency of public procurement in the defense sector of Croatia

Within PINS, in which TI Croatia is project partner, a conference on transparency in public procurement in the defense sector of Croatia has been organized.

Leah Wawro from TI UK held a presentation which showed the results of the Index of corruption in the defense sector, published in early 2013.

Leah Wawro from the London office for security and defense systems of Transparency International, ranks Croatia among the countries with a moderate risk of corruption in the defense sector. She warned that the defense budget is not sufficiently detailed, that transparency is especially lacking when it comes to companies owned by the armed forces, and that legislation that would encourage "whistleblowers" is flawed.

She emphasized the importance of parliamentary oversight of the defense system and proposed hiring of the experts that would assist lawmakers in assessing the quality of spending in the field of defense. 

Wawro points out that similar problems are faced by other countries, and stated that for the military throughout the world annually is allocated 1.7 trillion dollars, whereby countries lose billions due to corruption.




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